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Bishop’s Message

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Welcome to Catholic Diocese of Uyo

It is my pleasure to introduce the Diocesan website to all the Clergy, Religious and the entire faithfuls of the Catholic Diocese of Uyo and beyond. We sincerely hope that this website will go long way to help us know where we are in the Diocese.

This website covers the current administrative structure of the internal ordering of the particular Church in Uyo, the deaneries in the Diocese and their administrative organs, the parishies and stations in the diocese and their administrative organs.

The religious communities and the lay apostolate groups, comprising organizations, associations, lay ecclesial ministries, lay orders and pious societies actively present in Uyo Diocese are covered here. Along with these are also the directory of schools and other Church institutions, of priests and deacons, of seminarians and catechists in the Diocese.

We sincerely hope that this website will go a long way to help us know where we are in the Diocese – administrative wise, where we are carrying out our respective tasks towards the building up of the body of Christ in the particular Church of Uyo, as well as who we are and what we are doing to fulfil the mission of the Church on earth.

I want to thank all those involved in the preparation of this website.

I hereby send my paternal blessings to you.

+ John E. Ayah

Bishop of Uyo

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