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Holy Rosary, Ibiaku Issiet

Parish Priest Name: Rev. Fr. Francis Ating
Name of Assistant Priest: Nil
Contact of the Parish: Holy Rosary Quasi Parish, Ibiaku Issiet Uruan
Telephone: 07065379978
Name of Parish Catechist:
Name of Parish Secretary
: Engr. Francis Idiong
RCIA/RCIC Coordinator: Cate. Joseph Udoh

Parish Pastoral Council Executive Members
1. Chairman: Mr. Emmanuel Akpan
2. Vice Chairman I: Mr. Abraham Okon
3. Vice Chairman II: Mr. Anthony Akpanobo
4. Secretary: Engr. Francis Idiong
5. Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Agnes Akpan
6. Treasurer: Mrs. Hana Brown
7. Financial Secretary: Mr. Stephen Okon
8. PRO: Mr. Emmanuel Effong
9. Project/Maintenance: Mr. Festus Iyamba

Parish Laity Council Executive Members
1. Chairman: Mr. Michael Edet
2. Vice Chairman: Mrs. Stella Etim (JP)
3. Secretary: Mr. Gabriel Okon
4. Member: Mr. Hilary Nyong

Parish Finance Council Members
1. Chairman: Mr. Abraham Okon
2. Treasurer: Mrs. Hanah Brown
3. Financial Secretary: Mr. Stephen Okon
4. Member:  Mr. Bernadette Edem

Sunday Mass Schedule:
Ibiaku Issiet 6am
Obio Ndobo 8am
Ikot Edung 10am

Weekday Mass Schedule:
Monday (Ibiaku Issiet) 6am
Tuesday (Ikot Edung) 6am
Wednesday (Ibiaku Issiet) 6pm
Thursday (Obio Ndobo) 6am
Friday (Ibiaku Issiet) 6am
Saturday (Ibiaku Issiet) 6am

Schedule for Confessions:
After morning Mass in the out-station
Every Saturday 4pm – 6pm

Devotions in the Parish:
World Apostolate of Fatima (Blue Army)
Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary
St. Anthony Guild
Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria
Legion of Mary

Schools in the Parish:

Name of School: Holy Rosary Nursery/Primary School
Contact Address: Ibiaku Issiet, Uruan L.G.A., AKS
Head Teacher: Cate Eventus Itaoffiong

Health Edu. Teacher:

Health Centres in the Parish: Nil

Stations in the Parish = 3

1. Name of Station: Holy Rosary, Ibiaku Issiet, Urua
Mr. Abraham Okon
Mr. Sebastian Akpan
Mrs. Agnes Akpan
Mrs. Benardette Effiong
Mrs. Magdalene Akpan
Mr. Emmanuel Effiong
Mrs. Alice Okon
Mr. Anthony Essien
Mrs. Stella Etim (JP)

2. Name of Station: Immaculate Conception, Ibiaku Obio Ndobo Uruan
Mrs. Bernadette Edem
Mr. Christopher Edem
Mr. Hilary Nyong
Mrs. Margaret Pius
Engr. Francis Idiong
Mr. Gabriel Nyong
Mrs. Mary Asuquo

3. Name of Station: St. henry, Ikot Edung Uruan
Mr. Ignatius Udo
Mrs. Magdalene Luke
Mr. Augustine Gregory
Mr. George Effiong
Mr. Stephen Okon
Mrs. Alice Nkanga
Mrs. Regina Akpan
Mr. Emmanuel Gregory
Mr. Titus Okon

Lay Apostolate Groups in the Parish
A) Organization:
Catholic Men Organization (CMO)
Catholic Women Organizatio (CWO)
Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria

B) Association: Nil

C) Orders:
Knight of St.Molumba and their ladies
Men of Order and Discipline (MOD)

D) Lay Ministries:
Lay Readers’ Association
Warden’s Association
Blue Army
Legion Mary

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