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St. Anthony, Ewet Housing

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Parish Priest Name: Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Etim Ating
Name of Assistant Priest: Rev. Fr. Pius Nkuda
Contact of the Parish: St. Anthony, 79 C-Line, Ewet Housing
Telephone: 07065114136
Name of Parish Catechist: Jude Okon, KSJI
Name of Parish Secretary: Mrs. Helena Obot
RCIA/RCIC Coordinator: Nil

Parish Pastoral Council Executive Members

  1. Chairman: Engr. Kenneth Ekanem
  2. Vice Chairman: Nil
  3. Secretary: Mrs. Helena Obot
  4. Assistant Secretary: Judith Akonma Blaise
  5. Treasurer: Mrs. Mmeh Udoh
  6. Financial Secretary: Mr. John Aguda
  7. PRO I: Mr. Alexander Bassey
  8. PRO II: Mr. Dominic Etim

Parish Laity Council Members

  1. Chairman: Mr. Robert Ikpoh
  2. Vice Chairman: Mrs. Mfon Inyang
  3. Secretary: Idongesit Ekere
  4. Assistant Secretary: James Robson
  5. Treasurer: Rosemary Nwaguru
  6. Financial Secretary: Philip Ekeng
  7. P.R.O. I: Brian Ita
  8. P.R.O. II; Raphael Emmanuel

Parish Finance Council Members

  1. Chairman: Mr. Gabriel Ekanem
  2. Secretary: Mrs. Mmeh Udoh
  3. Member: Mr. John Aguda
  4. Member: Miss Theresa Akpan
  5. Member: Miss Maryrose Idiong

Sunday Mass Schedule: 7am & 10am
Weekday Mass Schedule: 6am daily & 6pm Friday
Schedule for Confessions: Saturdays by5pm

Devotions in the Parish:

  1. St. Anthony of Padua Guild
  2. Charismatic (CCRN)
  3. Sacred Heart
  4. Blue Army
  5. St. Vincent de Paul
  6. Precious Blood
  7. Legion of Mary
  8. Divine Mercy

Schools in the Parish: Nil
Health Centres in the Parish: Nil

Stations in the Parish: 1

  1. Name of Station: St. Anthony’s, Ewet Housing
    Same as Parish

Lay Apostolate Groups in the Parish
A) Organization:

Catholic Men Organization (CMO)
Catholic Women Organizatio (CWO)
Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON)
Catholic Girls Organization (CGO)

B) Association:
Catechist Association
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Association of Catholic Trained Evangelizers in Nigeria (ACTEN)

C) Orders:
Knight of St. John’s International and their Ladies
Knight of St. Molumba and their Ladies
Men of Order & Discipline

D) Lay Ministries:
Lay Readers’ Association
Wardens Association
Ushers/Welcomers Association

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