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St. Anthony, Ikot Udofia

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Parish Priest Name: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Udoh
Name of Assistant Priest: Nil
Contact of the Parish: St. Anthony’s, Ikot Udofia
Telephone: 08139708081
Name of Parish Catechist: Mr. Dominic Okon
Name of Parish Secretary: Mr. Godwin Eyo
RCIA/RCIC Coordinator: Nil

Parish Pastoral Council Executive Members
1. Chairman: Mr. Raphael Akpan Udo
2. Vice Chairman: Mr. Joseph Faustine Akpan
3. Secretary: Mr. Godwin Eyoh
4. Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Anthonia Victor
5. Treasurer: Mrs. Josephine Umoh
6. Financial Secretary: Mrs. Elizabeth Ifuho
7. PRO I: George Udo Udo
8. PRO II: Innocent Gregory

Parish Laity Council Members
1. Chairman: Clement Udofia
2. Secretary: Frederic A. Mendie
3. Member: Dominic Nathaniel Umoh
4. Member: Bibiana James
5. Member: Raphael Akpan Udo

Parish Finance Council Members
1. Chairman: Cletus Polycarp
2. Secretary: Elizabeth Titus Uko
3. Member: Elizabeth Raphael Udo
4. Member: Paul Monday

Sunday Mass Schedule: 6.00am, 8.00am &10.00am
Weekday Mass Schedule: 6.00am & 5.00pm
Schedule for Confessions: Saturday s by 5pm

Devotions in the Parish:
Monthly Devotion
Precious Blood
Blue Army

Schools in the Parish: Nil
Health Centres in the Parish: Nil

Stations in the Parish: 12

Station Catechist:

1. Name of Station: Anthony’s Catholic Church Mbiabong Ikot Udofia
Station Catechist: Joseph Eyo
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Raphael Akpan Udo
Vice Chairman: Peter Akpan Udo
Secretary: Frederick Mendie
Assistant Secretary: Dominic Umo
Treasurer: Philomena Udofia
Financial Secretary: Cletus Polycarp
PRO: Daniel Akpan

2. Name of Station: St. Peter’s Catholic Church Usuk Ibakesi
Station Catechist: Innocent Udo
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: James Akpan
Vice Chairman: Martha Akpan
Secretary: Samuel Udo
Assistant Secretary:Nsikak Akpan
Treasurer: Alice Udo
Financial Secretary: Regina Isong
PRO: Simion Oton

3. Name of Station: St. John’s Catholic Church Mbiabong Ikot Etim
Station Catechist: Paul Akpan
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Emmanuel Udo Isan
Vice Chairman: Veronica Godwin
Secretary: Abraham Uko
Assistant Secretary: Nil
Treasurer: Cecilia Uko
Financial Secretary: Nil
PRO: Daniel Nil

4. Name of Station: St. Peter’s Catholic Church Nkwot Etok
Station Catechist: Raphael Akpan
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Sarah Akpan
Vice Chairman: Nil
Secretary: Grace Okon
Assistant Secretary: Grace Okon
Treasurer: Cecilia Akan
Financial Secretary: Cecilia Akan
PRO: Rose Akpan

5. Name of Station: St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Mbiafun Ikot Abasi
Station Catechist: Abel Isong
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Mathew Akpan
Vice Chairman: Martin Michael
Secretary: Inemesit Ben
Assistant Secretary: Nil
Treasurer: Martin Michael
Financial Secretary: Nil
PRO: Nil

6. Name of Station: Holy Family Catholic Church Ibiaku Ntok Okpo
Station Catechist: Simon Jonah
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Joseph Akpan
Vice Chairman: Josephine Umoh
Secretary: Godwin Eyoh
Assistant Secretary: Nil
Treasurer: Justina Udoma
Financial Secretary: Innocent Effiong
PRO: Fidela Akpan

7. Name of Station: St. Michael’s Catholic Church,Ikot Etok Eren
Station Catechist: James Akpan
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Ikwo Akpan
Vice Chairman: Elizabeth Akpan
Secretary: Ikwo Akpan
Assistant Secretary: Nil
Treasurer: Elizabeth Akpan
Financial Secretary: Nil
PRO: Nil

8. Name of Station: St. Vincent’s Catholic Church, Mbiabong Ikot Udo
Station Catechist: Dominic Okon Ekanem
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Ransom Michael
Vice Chairman: Joseph Udo Ise
Secretary: Veronica Johnson Eyo
Assistant Secretary: Nil
Treasurer: Justina Dickson
Financial Secretary: Nil
PRO: Bassey W. Okon

9. Name of Station: St. Paul’s, Catholic Church, Iton Odoro
Station Catechist: Rosemary Akpan
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Philip Nna Udo
Vice Chairman: Nil
Secretary: Justina Christopher
AAssistant Secretary: Nil
Treasurer: Annah Sunday Udo
Financial Secretary: Esther Dominic Okon
PRO: Alice Isaiah Okon

10. Name of Station: St. Mary’s, Catholic Church Itak Edem Esa
Station Catechist: Nathaniel Akpan
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: George Udo Udo
Vice Chairman: Blaise Sunday Udo
Secretary: Xavier Mathais Akpan
Assistant Secretary: Patrick Ekpenyong
Treasurer: John Udo Udo
Financial Secretary: Samuel Udo Akpan
PRO: Nil

11. Name of Station: St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, Mbiakpa Ibakasi
Station Catechist: Cate. Bibiana James
Station Pastoral Council Exco
Chairman: Paul Patrick
Vice Chairman: Solomon Isong
Secretary: Kingsley Dominic
Assistant Secretary: Agnes Isaiah Udo
Treasurer: Margaret Akpan
Financial Secretary: Helen Silas Ete
PRO: Lucy Uxius Etokudo

12. Name of Station: St. Joseph, Catholic Church, Ikot Emian
Station Catechist:

Lay Apostolate Groups in the Parish
A) Organization:
Catholic Men Organization (CMO)
Catholic Women Organizatio (CWO)
Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON)
Catholic Girls Organization (CGO)

B) Association:
Catechist Association

C) Orders:
Knight of St. John International and their Ladies

D) Lay Ministries:
Lay Readers’ Association
Wardens Association
Ushers/Welcomers Association

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