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St. John, Eniong Offot

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Parish Priest Name: Rev. Fr. Victor Edet
Name of Assistant Priest: Rev. Fr. Michael Inyang
Contact of the Parish:
Name of Parish Catechist: Dominic Asuquo
Name of Parish Secretary: Vincent Bruno
RCIA/RCIC Coordinator: Mrs. Monica Ekpenyong

Parish Pastoral Council Executive Members
1. Chairman: Mr. Patrick A. Edet
2. Vice Chairman: Mr. Dominic Obot (KSM)
3. Secretary: Mr. Vincent Bruno
4. Assistant Secretary: Lady Maria Mbaba
5. Treasurer: Mrs. Regina Unyanga
6. Financial Secretary: Mr. Daniel Udosen
7. PRO I: Mr. Linus Ndah
8. PRO II: Mr. Stanislaus Umoh

Parish Laity Council Members
1. Chairman: Hon. Pius Bassey
2. Vice Chairman: Miss Obot Ayakem
3. Secretary: Mr. Linus Afia
4. Assistant Secretary: Miss Caroline Uko
5. Member: Stephanie Eyoh
6. Member: Mr. Linus Ndah

Parish Finance Council Members
1. Chairman: Dr. Paul Eyoh
2. Secretary: Mr. Daniel Udosen
3. Member: Mrs. Agnes Udoh
4. Member: Mr. Christopher Ekpo

Sunday Mass Schedule: 6.30am and 10.00am
Weekday Mass Schedule: 6.00am
Schedule for Confessions: Every morning after Mass & Saturdays 5pm

Devotions in the Parish:
1. Blue Army
2. St. Anthony’s Guild
3. Block Rosary
4. Legion of Mary

Schools in the Parish: Nil
Health Centres in the Parish: Nil

Stations in the Parish = Nil

Lay Apostolate Groups in the Parish

A) Organization:
Catholic Men Organization (CMO)
Catholic Women Organization (CWO)
Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria
Catholic Girls Organization (CGO)

B) Association:
Catechists Association
Asso of Cath. Trained Evang. in Nig. (ACTEN)
Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG)

C) Orders:
Knight of St. John International and their ladies
Knight of St.Molumba and their ladies
Men of Order and Discipline (MOD)

D) Lay Ministries:
Lay Readers’ Association
Warden’s Association
Ushers/Welcomers Association

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