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St. Peter, Ibiono

Parish Priest Name: Very Rev. Fr. Anthony M. Ekong
Name of Assistant Priest: Nil
Contact of the Parish: St. Peter’s, Ibiono
Telephone: 08062577441
Name of Parish Catechist: Valentine Joseph Udofia
Name of Parish Secretary: Mr. Iyakke Anthony Okon
RCIA/RCIC Coordinator: Christopher Udoette

Parish Pastoral Council Executive Members

  1. Chairman: Mr. Christian Enwang
  2. Vice Chairman: Nil
  3. Secretary: Mr. Iyakke Anthony Okon
  4. Assistant Secretary: Mr. Joseph Boniface
  5. Treasurer: Mrs. Benedette Emmanuel
  6. Financial Secretary: Mr. Samuel Osmond
  7. PRO I: Mr. Cletus Linus Emah
  8. PRO II: Mr. David Anthony Edem

Parish Laity Council Members

  1. Chairman: Mr. Anthony Archibong
  2. Vice Chairman: Lady Ijeoma Umoh
  3. Secretary: Mr. Chrysanctus Archibong
  4. Assistant Secretary: Paul Nicholas Michael
  5. Treasurer: Mrs. Bede Okon
  6. Financial Secretary: Miss Catherine Clement
  7. P.R.O. I: Mr. Itoro Simon Udo
  8. P.R.O. II: Mr. Jacob Dominic Jacob

Parish Finance Council Members

  1. Chairman: Mr. Henry Philip Udo
  2. Secretary: Mr. Samuel Osmond
  3. Mrs. Bernadette Edet – Member
  4. Mr. Ignatius Okon – Member
  5. Mrs. Mary Ekpe – Member

Sunday Mass Schedule: 6.00am & 9.00am
Weekday Mass Schedule: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Schedule for Confessions: Every Saturdays by 5.00pm

Devotions in the Parish:

  1. Legion of Mary
  2. Charismatic (CCRN)
  3. Sacred Heart
  4. Blue Army

Schools in the Parish:
Name of School(s): St. Peter’s Int’l Nur/Pri. School
Contact Address: St. Peter’s, Ibiono
E-mail Address: Nil
Head Teacher: Mrs. Mrs. Mercy George
Religious Edu. Teacher: Mrs. Glory Bassey

Health Centres in the Parish: Nil

Stations in the Parish 14

  1. Name of Station: St. Mary’s, Mbiabam Ibiono
    Station Catechist: Catechist Stephen C. Ekong
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Mr. Cletus S. Ekpe
    Vice Chairman: Mr. Ini G. Udoka
    Secretary: Mr. Stephen Uwah
    Assistant Secretary: Mr. Paul Michael
    Treasurer: Anthony Effiong
    Financial Secretary: Emmanuel Stephen
    PRO: Mr. Cletus L. Emah
  2. Name of Station: St. Mary’s, Okobo
    Station Catechist: Catechist Christopher Udoette
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Anthony Umanah
    Vice Chairman: Emmanuel Bassey
    Secretary: John Etim Umoh
    Assistant Secretary:
    Treasurer: Elizabeth Bassey
    Financial Secretary:
  3. Name of Station: St. Patrick’s, Ibiaku Ididep
    Station Catechist: Catechist Stanislaus Bassey
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Gabriel Effiong
    Vice Chairman: Itoro Simon
    Secretary: John Alfred Ekop
    Assistant Secretary:
    Treasurer: Veronica Simon
    Financial Secretary: Joseph Udo
    PRO: Ekpeno Ebong
  4. Name of Station: St. Andrew’s, Ikot Akpabio
    Station Catechist: Catechist Francis Udoh
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Hon. Godwin Edem
    Vice Chairman: Anthony Ben
    Secretary: Dominic Unyah
    Assistant Secretary: Nil
    Treasurer: Christopher Etim
    Financial Secretary: Bernadette Akaninyene
    PRO: Paul Edet
  5. Name of Station: Holy Family, Ikot Osukpong
    Station Catechist: Cat. Valentine Udofia
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Anthony Okon
    Vice Chairman: Pius Akpan
    Secretary: Iyakke Okon
    Assistant Secretary: Christian Anthony
    Financial Secretary: Rebecca Anthony
    PRO: Bernadette Emmanuel
  6. Name of Station: Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ikot Ada Idem
    Station Catechist: Catechist Daniel Eyo
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Peter Akpan
    Vice Chairman: Christopher A. U.
    Secretary: Francisca Udoette
    Assistant Secretary: Dominic Sunday
    Treasurer: John Linus
    Financial Secretary: Mfonobong Okokon
    PRO: Edidiong Archibong
  7. Name of Station: Christ the King Chruch, Ikot Ambang
    Station Catechist: Catechist Michael Jacob
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Peter Ebong
    Vice Chairman: Odudu Peter
    Secretary: Solomon Okon
    Assistant Secretary: Nsisong Daniel
    Treasurer: Patricia Ekong
    Financial Secretary: Godwin Edet
    PRO: Peter John Peter
  8. Name of Station: St. Patrick’s, Mbiakpan Atan
    Station Catechist: Catechist Pius Etim Jimmy
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Alphonsus Asuquo
    Vice Chairman: Dominic Jacob
    Secretary: Ezekiel Lawrence
    Assistant Secretary: Felix A. John
    Treasurer: Henry P. Udo
    Financial Secretary: Lawrencia Archibong
    PRO: Emmanuel Archibong
  9. Name of Station: St. Joseph’s, Afaha Obio Eno
    Station Catechist: Catechist Linus Akpan
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Ignatius Udoh
    Vice Chairman: Emmanuel Edet
    Secretary: Linus Okon
    Assistant Secretary: Christian Offiong
    Treasurer: Esther Peter
    Financial Secretary: Lawrence Sam
    PRO: Boniface Udo
  10. Name of Station: St. Joseph, Nkim Ibiono
    Station Catechist: Catechist Anthony Paul
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Raphael Uwak
    Vice Chairman: Emmanuel Ekong
    Secretary: Luke N. Edem
    Assistant Secretary: Francis A. Edet
    Treasurer: Gilbert R. Akpan
    Financial Secretary: Grace N. Edem
    PRO: Francis A. Edet
  11. Name of Station: Our Lady of Fatima, Ikot Ekwere
    Station Catechist: Catechist Emmanuel Edem
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Emmanuel Ubong
    Vice Chairman: Innocent Bassey
    Assistant Secretary:
    Financial Secretary:
  12. Name of Station: St. Michael’s, Use Nten
    Station Catechist: Catechist Sylvanus Edet
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Matthew Udoinyang
    Vice Chairman:
    Secretary: Edna Udoh
    Assistant Secretary:
    Treasurer: Maria Thompson
    Financial Secretary: Esther Paul
  13. Name of Station: St. Francis Community, C/o Peter’s Parish
    Station Catechist: Catechist Augustine Michael
    Station Pastoral Council Exco
    Chairman: Martin Umeh
    Vice Chairman: Nathaniel Umoh
    Secretary: Catherine Okon
    Assistant Secretary: Ndifreke Paul
    Treasurer: Chidiebere Nwosu
    Financial Secretary: Ngozi Ezika
    PRO: Monday Elom

    Lay Apostolate Groups in the Parish

A) Organization:
Catholic Men Organization (CMO)
Catholic Women Organizatio (CWO)
Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON)
Catholic Girls Organization (CGO)

B) Association:
Catechist Association

C) Orders:
Men of Order & Discipline (MOD)

D) Lay Ministries:
Lay Readers’ Association
Wardens Association

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